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Ian Hippolyte

Ian Hippolyte is a professional photographer and a member of the Canon Ambassador Programme.

Based in London, with 7 years’ experience working with clients across the fashion, music and entertainment industries, Ian endeavours to tell diverse, inclusive and empowering stories through distinct fashion imagery. Last year he delivered a talk for Canon UK on his journey as a professional photographer for The Photography & Video Show.

His clients include Elle magazine, KOI Footwear, Voir Fashion Magazine, and Royal Opera House.

Emily Salmon

Norwich University of the Arts graduate Emily Salmon is a professional retoucher and has worked within the photography industry for 5 years.

Emily graduated with a BA (Hons) Photography degree in 2018, which kick-started her career in retouching and post production. Emily specifically loves working with brands to produce campaign and social advertising images.

Her portfolio of work features still life, portrait, and lifestyle imagery. She has also had the opportunity to work on editorial and personal projects alongside well-established photographers.

James Smith

James Smith is the BA (Hons) Photography Course Leader at Norwich University of the Arts.

James’ background includes industrial photography, editorial content for the specialist rock climbing market and work for design agencies. Work undertaken for these companies has involved producing images for literature to promote clients ranging from youth development initiatives to business lawyers.

He has previously held the position of the British Mountaineering Councils official photographer, covering events such as the finals of the World Climbing Championship in Birmingham.